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L-Glutathione nutrionally supports immune function and is an effective anti-cancer supplement. It is also a highly potent free radical sca...

L-Glutathione nutrionally supports immune function and is an effective anti-cancer supplement. It is also a highly potent free radical scavenger and enhances actions of Vitamin C. L- Glutathione also supports liver health. Continuous usage may make your skin smooth and fairer.

I purchased a bottle of Ishigaki L-Glutathione from Lazada PH to try out. I have been taking them twice a day for two weeks now so I'm writing an initial review of the product.
Each bottle contains 60 capsules with the above ingredients listed in the back of the bottle. Each capsule have 600mg of Glutathione plus 400mg of  Glutathione boosters including ALA and Vitamin C. This certainly have much higher Glutathione content than other capsules available in the market, which to my observation mostly have 250mg to 500mg of Glutathione.
This would not be my first time trying out L-Glutathione capsules. I have tried several brands in the past and for me, they are mostly the same. The main reason I take these as a dietary supplement is to combat early signs of aging.
I have done some research on the benefits of taking these as a supplement and although it may indicate No Approved Therapeutic Claims in the label, I believe the results speaks for itself. Listed are the general benefits of taking L-Glutathione:
- Nutritionally supports immune function
- Effective anti-cancer supplement
- Highly potent free radical scavenger
- Major role assisting detoxification
- Enhances actions of Vitamin C
- Supports liver health
- Continuous usage may make your skin smooth and fairer.
Ishigaki L-Glutathione
As I've mentioned earlier, I take one table twice a day, once before breakfast and another capsule together with 500mg of Vitamin C after dinner or before I sleep. I am now seeing good results on my skin. It has improved its texture and complexion. Also, hormonal pimples don't appear as much. I also noticed that little wounds and scratches heal much quicker. This is a good thing because I can be very clumsy and is prone to accidents.

I'll be continuing on my routine until I finish the bottle. By then, I will most likely be decided if I'll stick to this brand or try another. Ishigaki L-Glutathione 1000mg Capsules comes as good value because you get 60 caps for Php 1000.

After finishing this bottle, I decided to move to another brand, check out my review here: Belo Nutraceuticals Glutathione with Collagen

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  1. Hi, i purchased ishi from glutaworks. Are you sti using ishi? Did it cause you any pimple breakouts? I used Luxxe Whitening kasi a few months ago and i got the worse pimple breakouts. Huhu though nag lighten yung skin ko in less than a month the pimples where overflowing. Kinakabahan ako dito sa Ishi L-gluta. Please reply sana may feedback ka after using this product. Thank you in advance

    1. Hi Margaret. I finished the 60 cap bottle Ishigaki and moved to another brand (Belo) right after. I did get good results from Ishi - my skin lightened about 2 tones, improved texture and complexion. I experienced no breakouts with this brand. But I feel na medyo mabagal ang effect nya and medyo yellowish ang skin ko so I switched. Mas hiyang ako sa Belo because faster ang whitening (in as little as 2 weeks) and radiant/pinkish complexion. Hiyangan lng talaga, maybe di ka hiyang sa Luxxe (I haven't tried that brand).

      I've also came across the Premium version of Ishigaki (the one with 30 caps) and will be reviewing that soon.

  2. Nagkabreak out din po ako sa ishi.