Skin Care Haul: Suzuran, Arezia SK-II, and Haruhada from

" SaSa prospers on its successful and proven "one-stop cosmetics specialty store" concept, offering customers with a wide ...

"SaSa prospers on its successful and proven "one-stop cosmetics specialty store" concept, offering customers with a wide range of quality products. It has over 280 retail stores and counters in Asia selling over 600 brands of skincare, fragrance, make-up and hair care, body care products, health and beauty supplements including own-brands and exclusive products." - via
I saw that my favorite Asian cosmetics online store, was having a free shipping promotion so I decided to stock up on some of my essentials. I got free expedited shipping for a minimum of $49 dollars, which isn't very much if we are talking about skin care products.
Skin Care Haul: Suzuran, Arezia  SK-II, and Haruhada from

I have run out of my HG Haruhada cleansing water a few months ago but didn't really had the inclination to order again because (1) I had other cleansers to finish up and (2) I didn't want to spend another $70 just to order one product. But since SaSa was on promotion, I grabbed the chance and so here I am sharing my little haul to you all.
Skin Care Haul: Suzuran, Arezia  SK-II, and Haruhada from
As always, ordering from SaSa was smooth and easy. I always pay through Paypal, which is really convenient and gives me the added money back guarantee in case something happens (so far so good though). The process took exactly two weeks from the time I hit the Checkout button to me getting the package at the local Post Office and paying the (newly increased) Php100 postal fee. I wish that they deliver directly at my doorstep (like Luxola does) but since I have yet to lose an order with them, I can't complain very much. So without further ado, here are the items I got in increasing order (price-wise):

Arezia Mask Sheet
Arezia Mask Sheet, 10 piece | US$ 1.00
An essential DIY item when you want to have a facial treatment tailor-made for yourself. (Product Link)

I've stumbled on these masks when I was filling up my $49 order. I figured that these would come in handy for when I want to do some DIY masks. You can just dip the sheets in a mask mixture and apply on your face. Very nifty product if I may say.

Suzuran Attirer Puff
Suzuran Attirer Puff, 240 pcs US$ 3.90
Made from a selection of 100% pure cotton raw materials , treated according to the most modern processes, it is absolutely neutral, bleached without optical azuring. (Product Link)

I love these cotton pads. They hold up very well to liquids so I only have to use one pad each time I do my skin care. This pack would last me months. Great quality cotton and very affordable too.

SK-II Essential Care Facial Treatment Essence
SK-II Essential Care Facial Treatment Essence, 10 ml | US$ 8.00
A moisture booster that restores skin's natural 28-day renewal cycle, making skin smoother and more radiant. With more than 90% pure Pitera, it is often described as SK-II's "miracle water". Balances skin's pH, sebum secretion, moisture and oxygen levels, so the oily areas is less oily, while the dry areas are more moisturized. (Product Link)

This cult product has been hailed by beauty gurus as "liquid gold." I always wanted to try this so-called miracle water but could not bring myself to spend thousands for a product that might not work for me. Thankfully, I saw a 10ml sample bottle so I decided to finally try this out. After 4 nights, I have not seen any remarkable results but I will finish this up and see how it goes. Maybe it needs a little more time for it to work.

Haruhada Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Cleansing Water
Haruhada Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Cleansing Water, 500ml US$ 12.40   
Contains hyaluronic acid and citric acid to effectively remove face and eye make-ups while moisturizing and firming the skin. The fresh cleanser will not cause any burden to the face. Skin is much more watery and bright after use. (Product Link)

Haruhada Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Skin Lotion, 500ml US$ 12.40
Contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin to strongly hydrate the skin, act as an astringent and restore skin’s elasticity. Containing various natural botanical extracts, like ivy extract, grape leaf extract, witch hazel extract, arnica motana extract and horse chestnut extract, it promotes blood circulation, and protect against irritation and inflammation. The fresh toner leaves skin moisturized, firmed and elastic.(Product Link)

The main reason I made this order was to get the Haruhada Cleansing Water. The product has been indispensable in my beauty routine because it gets rid of all my makeup without too much effort. Less tugging and pulling equal to less irritation and wrinkles.n This cleansing water is similar to Bioderma, without the hefty price of course. I also got the skin lotion from the same line. I am curious to see if this works as well as the cleansing water. Hopefully, both will go well together and make my skin more healthy.

Haruhada Skin Lotion
Haruhada Skin Lotion, 195 ml | US$ 13.90, Buy One Take One
Contains both high polymer hyaluronic acid and nano-hyaluronic acid. The former retains moisture on the skin surface, and the latter helps bring moisture into the deeper skin layer with its small molecular nature. It leaves the skin watery. Besides, it is added with astaxanthin to give excellent antioxidant effect, resulting in a bright shiny skin. (Product Link)

Another lotion from Haruhada. This is from their normal line. I couldn't resist getting this because it was on a Buy One Take One promotion. I have yet to try this one out so I can't say if this works.

Skin Care Haul: Suzuran, Arezia  SK-II, and Haruhada from 
Skin Care Haul: Suzuran, Arezia  SK-II, and Haruhada from
Skin Care Haul: Suzuran, Arezia  SK-II, and Haruhada from 

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