10 Beauty Tips for a Lifetime Youthful Look

Though beauty fads fade and makeup trends change, there are a few things that we should always remember when it comes to daily rituals. ...

Though beauty fads fade and makeup trends change, there are a few things that we should always remember when it comes to daily rituals. With so much beauty bumph in circulation however, it can be hard to spot the fact from the fiction.

Bookmark it, print it, frame it, memorize it - whatever. Just don't forget it!

1. Don't pull on the skin around your eye when applying eye liner. Stretching it in the same way every day, or even just every weekend, is a fast track to saggy skin and wrinkles.

2. Drinking more water is scientifically proven to be the only way you can hydrate your skin. Creams, serums, masks, lotions, facials etc, they can help treat conditions, keep things supple and aid in the aging battle, but without water? You'll never ever rehydrate dry skin.

3. Pores do not have muscles, and so cannot perform the contraction that would let them 'open and close'. Steaming your face does work by loosening up the underlying grime, making blackheads etc easier to remove, but when it comes to a deep clean? Use exfoliators and a gentle scrubbing action.

4.White spots on your nails rarely indicate a nutritional deficiency. Milk spots? An old wives tale. White spots on your nails, or leukonychia as the pros like to call it, is normally the result of 'mild trauma'. In other words, it's a form of bruising that no amount of extra calcium will fix. If you do have streaks on every single nail however, best get it checked.

5. When it comes to choosing a concealer or using camouflage makeup, you should consider the color of what you're trying to hide. Dark circles for example? They contain blue, so you need an orange/apricot corrector. Green creams will neutralize any redness, yellows will cancel out purple shades like bruises or some especially dark circles, meanwhile lavender shades can help lift sallow complexions and dull olive skin.

6. The hair outside of your head is effectively dead, in that the only part which grows and 'lives' is the root. So try as you might, you can't ever 'repair' your hair. Strong locks start with what you feed your body, though products can of course help to strengthen and smooth. To change your hair's health? Drink plenty of water, eat well and wait for it to grow.

7. In terms of color matching your foundation, you'll need to consider that most people have either a yellow or pink undertone. So too do foundations. When you get it wrong, your color will look 'off' and skin a bit dull.

8. It's no myth that there's a right red for everyone, so try a few on before picking your signature. Generally speaking, you can choose between a blue, orange or brown base, which will help lift your complexion when you strike upon the right one.

9. When you file your natural nails, always move in just one direction rather than in a back-and-forth motion. The latter will lead to split fibers, leaving you with weaker, damaged or flaky nails.

10. The 'perfect eyebrow' starts above the corner of your eye, has the peak of its arch above the center of your iris, and ends diagonally opposite the same corner of your nose. Ready to start measuring?

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