Unbox with Me: Althea Haul | Skin and Lab, Celabrity, Nightingale

Unbox with Me: Althea "Clearance Sale" Haul - S kin and Lab Dr. Vita Clinic Vitamin Cream in A Plus Lifting, Celabrity Cla...

Unbox with Me: Althea Haul | Skin and Lab, Celabrity

Unbox with Me: Althea "Clearance Sale" Haul - Skin and Lab Dr. Vita Clinic Vitamin Cream in A Plus Lifting, Celabrity Clarifying Skin Starter, Nightingale Daily Derma Eraser Toner in Lemon Tea Tree, Original Mild, Daily Derma Astringent in Fresh Peach via ph.althea.kr

Unbox with Me: Althea "Clearance Sale" Haul

Hey everyone. It's been awhile since I've shared a haul with you so today I have made a quick video of my Althea haul. I haven't been purchasing much from them but they had a clearance sale last month and I couldn't pass up the 70% off discount. *_* Watch the video to see what I bought.

Skin and Lab Dr. Vita Clinic Vitamin Cream, A Plus Lifting (30ml) | ₱710
Treat your skin and give it what it needs with Skin and Lab's Dr. Vita Clinic Vitamin Cream. This range of specially formulated creams contain vitamins and nutrients to keep the skin nourished and healthy, and work to target and treat different skin issues.
Vitamin A - Has anti-aging properties and smoothens the skin to reduce wrinkles.

Celabrity Clarifying Skin Starter (100ml) | ₱570
Daily mild peeling. Helps remove dead skin cells while promoting healthier skin turnover cycles. Helps maintains consistent skin tone and increases the efficacy of your next skin care product all within a light spray away.

Daily Derma Eraser Toner (300ml) | ₱770
Toners may just be the underdog of a good skincare routine. Up your skincare game with Nightingale's Daily Derma Eraser Toner, a gentle exfoliating toner that removes dead skin cells, leftover residue and impurities. While conventional toners have harsh properties that can dry out the skin, these ones are packed with hyaluronic acid to keep the skin hydrated and supple. Pick from 5 different types: Mild (suitable for all skin types), Aroma Rose (to hydrate and glow), Lemon Tea Tree (treats troubled skin), Fresh Peach (pore tightening), Yuja and Ginger (to revitalize and brighten).

Original Mild - Removes dead skin cell and sebum as it contains AHA and BHA. Adds moisture to your skin with Trehalose. Makes gloss with Alaska Glacier. Less irritation as it consists of 92% of natural derived ingredients. 

Lemon Tea Tree - Keeps your skin at its balance by providing abundant moisture. Removes dead skin cells. Calms your skin.

Daily Derma Astringent, Fresh Peach - Refines your skin tone and keeps at balance. Pore tightening. Calms your skin.

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